BuyDetroit Presents: Passport to Procurement Resource Guide Application Forms

Passport to Procurement Resource Guide
BuyDetroit is designed to grow Detroit’s economy by supporting local suppliers as they build capacity while also matching them with procurers. We work to drill-down into the needs of Detroit suppliers by supporting supplier diversity, train local suppliers to scale, and provide the technical assistance needed to to qualify for contracting opportunities.

One of the most effective means of supporting Detroit suppliers lies in providing access to resources.
The Goal of the Passport to Procurement Guide is to be a one-stop shop for businesses looking to expand their capacity and provide them with the resources to scale their business.

In order to be considered you must meet the following qualifications and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the application: 
  • Must be in a Brick and Mortar 
  • Registered and in Good Standing with the State of Michigan 
  • Must of been in business for a minimum of 2 years or more 
  • Must be a For-Profit or Non-Profit Entity
  • Must have a valid license for the trade profession the company is registered as (as a Lawyer, CPA, Tradesman, and other)

Interested in being listed? Please click the apply button below as the deadline is July 15, 2022 and approval availability is limited. 

All the best, 

The BuyDetroit Team 

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