TA Development Program Application Forms

TA Development Program Application
BuyDetroit is designed to grow Detroit’s economy by supporting local suppliers as they build capacity while also matching them with procurers. We work to drill-down into the needs of Detroit suppliers by supporting supplier diversity, train local suppliers to scale, and provide the technical assistance needed to qualify for contracting opportunities.

One of the most effective means of supporting Detroit suppliers lies in providing access to resources and opportunities. Which is why we are offering you an opportunity to have access to technical assistance (TA). Here are the requirements you must meet for you to qualify for the TA assistance (TA):
  1. Be in good standing with the State of Michigan
  2. Be a BuyDetroit Supplier in the portal.
  3. Be a Detroit-based existing business for a minimum of 2 years.
  4. Have the capacity to do 250k or more in purchasing opportunities.
  5. Must be able to showcase revenues earned in their business.
  6. Must have employees.
  7. Must understand your market.

By completing this application, you are agreeing that you meet the referenced requirements.

The BuyDetroit Team

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